Design of a café and its take-away space.

In connection with our work on the flexible workspace PepperHub, we were commissioned to design a café and take-away sales space with an area of approximately 100 m2. Our client asked us to create a place that exudes a very warm and cozy atmosphere while also seeking to optimize seating capacity and take-away counter service. To achieve these goals, we defined a circulation plan that clearly separates the take-away area from the café area with its seating arranged in alcoves. To create the desired warm and cozy atmosphere, custom benches and furniture were created using high-quality materials such as solid oak and leather. Special attention was paid to the ambient lighting with the creation of small custom lamps and the installation of a steam fireplace at the café entrance. Our mandate also included the production of detailed 2D and 3D plans for the custom furniture and fixtures created by our partner, The Consortium Team.

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