Building Value Through Holistic Design: The Studio Approach / Words about Samuel Williams Design

Entrepreneur at heart, Samuel Williams founded Williams Samuel Design Studio in 2019 with the goal of better expressing and realizing his vision of design, with the aim of bringing greater value to his clients. Today, Samuel has surrounded himself with skills and partners allowing the Studio to fully deploy its holistic approach to design and thus respond as closely as possible to its vision - sublimate our lives while creating strong value for its clients.

The Story of Our Founder: A Passion for Design and Craftsmanship

Samuel Williams, the founder of our company, holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Luxury and Craftsmanship from ECAL (Lausanne, Switzerland) and has been passionate about drawing from a young age. After completing his studies, he had the opportunity to work in various renowned design and creative agencies. Through his experiences, he has become a meticulous and relevant designer throughout the product development process. He enjoys understanding his clients' challenges and delving deeply into their projects. His happiness comes from playing with the constraints and issues of projects in order to create high-value solutions. Samuel has always been able to express his design in a creative and innovative way. His design reflects a true sense of aesthetics and a strong human sensitivity, ensuring the creation of differentiated and attractive products in line with the language and values expected by his clients.

Collaborations and Projects: A Showcase of Our Expertise in Design

Samuel Williams and his Studio have collaborated on projects of various sizes and complexities for numerous brands and clients (PepperHub, nomadspace, RHNE, TPRNOV, Rémy Martin, Topnet, Ora Design, etc.). In recent years, he has also developed a network of key and trustworthy partners to realize his vision and holistic approach to design.

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