Elevating Brands through Design Excellence

Welcome to Samuel Williams Design, a Geneva-based design agency that takes a comprehensive approach to every project. We pride ourselves on our creativity and attention to detail, ensuring that every design is tailored to our clients' needs and vision.

We provide bespoke design and implementation services, collaborating with our innovative and meticulous partners to ensure that every aspect of your project reflects its core essence. From conception to execution, we tailor our approach to align with your unique values and requirements.

Collaborative Approach for Bespoke Design and Implementation

Selected work

We've had the privilege of collaborating with a wide range of brands and clients on projects of varying sizes and complexities. From PepperHub and Nomadspace, to RHNE, TPRNOV, Rémy Martin, Topnet, Ora Design, and beyond, we've been fortunate to work with some truly inspiring and forward-thinking partners.

Expressing Aesthetics with Human Sensitivity: The Art of Samuel Williams

Having completed his Master of Advanced Studies in Luxury and Craftsmanship at ECAL, Samuel Williams is a talented designer who has harbored a passion for drawing since his youth. He has always been able to express his designs with creative and innovative flair, reflecting a true eye for aesthetics and a strong sense of empathy that guarantees the creation of products that are both unique and alluring, all while remaining faithful to the language and values of his clients.

Design as
a Strategic Approach for Envisioning the Future

We firmly believe that design is the key to defining a fresh vision of the world and the usages of the future. Design is a powerful instrument for creating value, boosting our economy, and elevating our daily lives, as it has the unique ability to imbue objects and environments with a sense of purpose and meaning. Our vision positions design as a strategic process that can operate without bounds, working hand in hand with decision-makers to conceive novel ways of thinking and to effectuate the necessary changes.

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